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Must we start the course at the same time?
The basic requirement for you and your spouse to take the online course at the same time is that your course progress must match at all times. Although we recommend that you start and finish the course together, this is not an absolute requirement. You can start the course separately, and at a later time - as long as you both stopped at the same page/quiz - you can continue together.

Consider the following example:

You and your spouse may start the course together, but after viewing page 2, you decide to stop for the day. Tomorrow, your spouse is busy, so you decide to continue on your own. You make it all the way to page 5 when you decide that it is time to call it a day. The next day, if you want to complete the course together, your spouse would have to "catch up", because their course progress is "page 2", whereas yours is "page 5". Your spouse can log in, continue the course, and after viewing page 5, you can log in as the second debtor, and complete the rest of the course at the same time.