This page contains links to useful resources, such as PDF versions of the worksheets found in the On-Line Course, as well as links to some third party tools that we feel might provide some meaningful insights when planning for your financial future.
This section contains links to the worksheets found in the on-line course. Using these links you can view and print each worksheet, should you choose to fill them out using your personal financial data.
1 Monthly Fixed Expenses
2 Your Monthly Take-Home Income
3 Compare Monthly Take Home Income and Fixed Expenses
4 Needs vs Wants
5 Track Your Daily Spending
6 Summarize Your Monthly Spending
7 Your Monthly Take-Home Income
8 Compare Income and Actual Expenses
9 Does Your Money Have Wings
10 Monthly Spending Plan
11 Monthly Income and Expenditure Plan
12 Compare Planned and Actual Expenses
13 Periodic Expenses
14 Gross Monthly Wage Calculation
Tools & Useful Information
This section contains links to third-party tools and information found on other websites. We included them here with the hope that you will find them useful in your planning for a sound financial future.
This section provides quick links to view and downloads various forms related to bankruptcy filing and/or Summit Financial Education.